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Yemi Adewunmi

Civic Eagle Empowers Advocacy Groups by Making Policy Work More Transparent and Accessible

In a Fast Company interview for her Designing Women series, Doreen Lorenzo spoke to co-founder and chief product officer of Civic Eagle, Yemi Adewunmi. Civic Eagle’s platform is designed to increase the transparency and accessibility of policy information through technology applications.

Adewunmi began her studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with the intention to involve herself within the legal system. She eventually narrowed in on the importance of policy through work experiences as an analyst and researcher at the New York State Legislature as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Adewunmi eventually recognized an opportunity to launch Civic Eagle as a software solution,  combining her passion for public policy and aptitude for creative problem-solving.

A milestone accomplishment for Adewunmi and Civic Eagle was the creation of Enview, a software platform designed for policy professionals. The established interface was designed to overcome the technological barrier of accessing important information, especially facilitating the process of viewing and sharing key details when working on initiatives involving team collaboration. By recognizing the importance of design thinking, Enview’s interface was developed to aid policy work by enhancing policy overview capabilities. In 2020, Adewunmi recognized a larger responsibility to assist people directly affected by advocacy work and policy changes. This led to Enview promoting complete open access to listed bills related to criminal justice reform and the pandemic. The app has become a pivotal tool used by advocacy groups like Sierra Club, Fair Fight, and America Votes for tracking countless pieces of legislation as they make their way through different government bodies. Enview by Civic Eagle helps them organize and strategize accordingly, so they can directly influence public policy in their favor.

Moving forward, Adewunmi sees government as the next major opportunity in adopting a greater emphasis on design-focused solutions, exploring its applications within public service touchpoints. Understanding the ability of a designer to provide intuitive interaction to directly maximize impact, Adewunmi believes designers should be heard when discussing policy solutions so that they can directly influence final decisions and outcomes.


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