Ustwo’s Headed South App Uses Motion Sense to Create an Immersive World

Amid the release of the Google Pixel 4 and it’s experimental Soli radar technology, Fast Company’s Mark Wilson featured Headed South, a free new game developed by ustwo studios designed to introduce users to the Pixel 4’s new motion-sensing capabilities.

The Pixel 4’s new Motion Sense feature uses Soli radar technology to turn hand gestures into new touchless interactions of users. It can be used to skip forward and backward on Spotify or wave to Pokemon in the phone’s live wallpapers. Headed South turns users into a bird flying from a storm where you encounter other birds that join your flock once you catch up to them. By air swiping with your left hand, special tricks can be performed without touching the screen. With Motion Sense being such an early technology, “the project goal in itself was a mix between an onboarding experience and play experience,” said Anders Oscarsson, the ustwo design lead who headed the project.

Wilson described the game itself as a “masterclass in world-building” with fantastical, immersively rendered levels that celebrate nature. The experimental game was praised as a polished tech demo that points to the potential of what Soli has to offer to a new era of touchless computing interfaces.


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