NVIDIA Describes How Graphics Processing Advances Will Transform Surgery

Nicole Castro, marketing content writer for NVIDIA professional visualization solutions, featured surgical imaging company, Proprio in a NVIDIA blog post titled, “The Real Cutting-Edge: Proprio Fuses AI, VR, Computer Vision for Precision in Surgery.” In the post, Castro highlighted how Proprio fuses human and computer vision to create a 3D immersive visualization systems for surgeons in the operating room.

Powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, Propio’s system captures the live surgical field and fuses it with preoperative imaging to create interactive 3D visualizations for surgeons to use in real-time. “Doctors no longer have to look at multiple screens or bring in different machines to get the information they need, our NVIDIA GPU-powered system makes real-time, accurate visualizations possible,” said Gabriel Jones, CEO of Proprio. 

Proprio uses the latest Quadro RTX 6000 GPU and others for tasks like multi-modal image rendering and registration, image processing and correction, 3D geometry reconstruction and CT segmentation. With the speed and performance of Quadro, Proprio has developed a light field camera array and graphics processing pipeline that captures a high-definition volumetric representation of the surgical field that can be magnified and re-focused anywhere. Castro explained that with this technology, surgeons can use a VR headset to zoom through tissue and navigate freely and fluidly as they operate, and even train more effectively by using virtual environments.


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