Xylem Solves Water Challenges Through Advanced Infrastructure Analytics

Water technology company Xylem (XYL) unveiled a new publication at the American Water Works Association annual conference, ACE19. Entitled “Harness the Power of Decision Intelligence,”  the publication presents Xylem’s portfolio of “decision intelligence” tools that harness the power of digital technologies to transform utility operations and economics. The book outlines six connected strategies to address critical utility challenges and drive economic and environmental gains with advanced infrastructure analytics.

As reported in the New York Times, the world’s fresh water supply is increasingly constrained, prompting public and private entities to invest in the delivery, testing, and cleaning of potable water. The article noted that Xylem offers “a spate of water technologies as diverse as pumps and smart meters.” Another piece in The Motley Fool described how Xylem’s disruptive solutions could deliver healthy returns for investors while saving money for its customers as well.

Xylem serves utilities and industrial entities with both commercial and residential customers across the full water cycle toward water efficiency. The company’s motto, “Let’s Solve Water” reflects how they strive to deliver advanced technology, equipment, and solutions that solve customers’ most critical water challenges. Xylem describes their vision to devote their technology, time and talent to advance the smarter use of water and to solve long-term water challenges. 


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