Ustwo Demystifies Digital Transformation in Book “Make, Learn, Change”

Collin Lyons, Transformation and Delivery Director at ustwo London, created an accessible playbook to help make the Agile philosophy relevant for today’s leaders. His little book about digital transformation entitled Make, Learn, Change, uses case studies to teach readers the value of making, learning, and changing together within their organizations.

In the book, Lyons breaks down the characteristics of Agile, emphasizing the adaptive and collaborative role teams must take in order to truly create customer-centric value. “Trust is the bedrock upon which Agile thrives,” he explains. An open culture can help foster trust, curiosity and effective cross-functional collaboration between teams. 

To provide ways to encourage an open culture, Lyons recommends company ‘Show & Tells’ because of their ability to allow people to share their work and learn from one other. This level of transparency not only benefits the development process but builds better teams. When it comes to working within an Agile framework, Lyons stresses that “a standard and essential ritual is the retrospective.” 

He finished his book by encouraging readers to be the cultural change they want to see in their organization by taking on the role of Agile coaches. Agile is about how you think and the mindset with which you approach getting work done.


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