Forbes Interviews Ustwo’s Carsten Wierwille on the Future of Apps

Forbes columnist Michelle Greenwald visited ustwo studios to learn how new apps are helping people for a Forbes CMO feature. During her visit, she spoke with ustwo CEO Carsten Wierwille along and his New York studio team to discuss how the company’s work is altering perceptions on what apps can do for people and their well-being.

Greenwald explained how she periodically checks in with cutting edge leaders in mobile tech and app development to learn the latest ways apps are evolving technologically and creatively to meet consumer needs. To inspire his team to develop meaningful apps that will be adopted as useful parts of their customers’ lives, Wierwille explained, “One of our guiding principles is that technology for its own sake doesn’t work, and that principle extends to apps. If you can’t articulate a clear purpose for the app and measure success in terms of value created for the user, you’re on the wrong track.  We believe designers and marketers have a shared mandate to deliver not just novelty, but meaningful experiences and long-term benefits.”

Some of the apps ustwo has developed include Moodnotes, a journaling app meant to improve mental health by tracking moods and what influences them. The app encourages a more optimistic outlook through new perspectives that help users identify and avoid negative thought patterns, increase self-awareness, and reduce stress. Other ustwo projects include Pause, a relaxation and well-being meditation app that combines slow, controlled, relaxing, interactive meditations accompanied by peaceful music, and Wayfindr, an app that empowers visually impaired people to navigate the world independently through the world’s first internationally-approved standard for accessible audio navigation.

Greenwald concluded her piece by motivating CMOs to leverage the full range of capabilities of smartphones by partnering with experts in diverse fields to improve the usefulness of the apps they create. Co-creating with experts in psychology and consumer behavior, city governments, workers who deal with end-users, and consumers can help make their app uncluttered, simple to use, useful, friendly and memorable.


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