Creative Leader Jen Tank on Developing an Iconic Brandless Experience

In an article for Fast Company, Doreen Lorenzo spoke with Jen Tank, head of creative at direct-to-consumer service, Brandless, about the unique challenge of creating a brand for a company that defies branding.

After experimenting early on in her career, Tank found a place at Huge, an agency that was focused on digital transformation. She spent nearly half of her career there, but then left the company when she was approached and sold on a vision for a new disruptive brand focused on both profit and purpose. That brand became Brandless. Now as a creative leader at Brandless, Tank explained how her team is able to stray from the traditional brand playbook while each being involved at every step of the process through a vertically integrated model.

Tank reflected on the challenge of creating a “Brandless” experience built on the values of simplicity, sustainability, wellness, kindness, and giving. For her design process, putting people first is always key, so community interaction at every touchpoint is a crucial component. The feedback they receive influences their design development and execution making it a constantly evolving process. Jen emphasized how her job as a creative leader is to set goals for the team and make the space for solutions.

Brandless is a high growth company with big ambitions. Tank described the company’s efforts to enhance the unboxing experience for the consumers as well as tackle the important issue of sustainability with less waste and reusables. There are always ways to make things better and sometimes the ideas to do so hide behind designers with a lack of confidence in their design instincts. From her years of working in the trenches, developing her craft and leadership, Tank’s advice to younger designers to always “say what you think, because nobody is going to give you permission to have an opinion.”


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