Blokable CEO on Why Modular Tech Won’t Solve the Housing Crisis

The Registry interviewed Nelson Del Rio, Co-CEO of Blokable, for an article about the potential of modular construction to address Seattle’s housing crisis.

Blokable is a self-performing developer that creates prosperity and equity in communities by disintermediating the traditional development process and providing a vertically integrated solution to create housing at scale. The Blokable Building System is a comprehensive building system designed, engineered, and manufactured to consistently produce high-quality, low-cost, connected housing. Each Blok in the system is a standardized, modular housing component assembled entirely in a manufacturing facility and designed to be stacked, combined, and connected to create prosperous communities. By vertically integrating the entire prefabricated building stack under their factory roof, Blokable is able to drastically cut overall project time, slash project costs, and deliver lower operating costs over time.

However in the article Del Rio was careful to describe modular construction as only a first step and not a complete solution: “Modular is an incremental solution until we address the root causes of the housing crisis — extremely tight supply and the high cost to develop more housing.”

According to Blokable, the real goal should be to streamline the development process overall and create a new paradigm for housing. For this reason Blokable is engaged throughout the housing creation process; within days of initial planning meetings, the team can provide renderings of the development, schedule, costs, and an overview of the entire process. They then work with their network of local architects, engineers, and contractors trained on the Blokable Building System to implement a project. The company’s development team manages every project from planning and design, through production, site work and installation, final handoff, and ongoing monitoring and support.

The result is to turn real estate development into a transparent and easily managed service, rather than a competition among every actor in the process to maximize profits, transfer risk, and remove equity from communities.

Del Rio: “It’s more than just another roof over people’s heads. It’s what you build, how you build it and who owns it.”



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