Preciate Launches to Help Professionals Build Relationships Through Recognition

Created by a Dallas startup, an app called Preciate launched on the App Store. Preciate enables business peers and partners to frequently and publicly share positive appreciation and feedback with each other, thus building a compelling real-time story of their professional relationships and accomplishments. Importantly, Preciate users retain complete ownership of their data and can take it with them even if they leave the app, ensuring they have a portable record of their accomplishments that is forever theirs to showcase.

Ed Stevens, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur, executive, and board director, and Dave Morrison, a senior finance and operations executive, founded Preciate with an understanding of the recognition cycle being central to strong human relationships. Ed Stevens stated, “Preciate’s vision is to embrace the whole person and their relationships, in all their complexity, and to share that complexity in a way that builds relational wealth.”

The Preciate app utilized a series of fun and visually striking Badges, such as “Going the Distance” and “Having My Back” for users to share with each other. Along with giving a Badge, users have the option to add contextual feedback highlighting the nature of the recipient’s accomplishment. Over time, Badge recipients attain various levels of Achievements that are unique to each Badge. As the platform grows, Preciate will add new Badges and Achievements to constantly elevate the app experience.


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