Doreen Lorenzo Interviews Anna Charity, Head of Design at Headspace

Anna Charity, head of design at meditation company Headspace, spoke with Doreen Lorenzo for Fast Company about problem-solving with design.

Charity was initially drawn to illustration, but her interests in photography, design, and animation guided her into the realm of interactive media where she found an opportunity to bring her ideas to life. At Headspace, Charity was challenged to remove the “mysticism and cliched imagery” from meditation and reposition it as a tool to solve everyday problems. The company’s primary objective was to make their design inclusive and accessible. Charity succeeded through relatable narratives and providing examples of meditation in everyday life.

With design entering the conversion much earlier in the process, Charity sees the designer’s role become much more generalized while still retaining a core of specificity. A designer should be able to approach a project from all angles and be flexible with constantly changing processes. This kind of hybrid skillset is instrumental when building her own team. Charity looks beyond the portfolio and client work to uncover the passions and inspirations a prospective will bring to the team.


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