NorCal’s Flow Cannabis Institute Expanding as a Home for Craft Cannabis

The San Francisco Chronicle highlighted the Flow Cannabis Institute as a home for “craft cannabis” in a recent article.

Flow Kana began as a small operation in the garage of founder Michael Steinmetz. It has grown to a 100,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Mendocino County in California.

Steinmetz is now transforming the facility into more than a home for processing and manufacturing; he is capitalizing on the company’s growing status as an artisan cannabis company by marketing the plant as a tourist destination. The Institute site used to be a winery and it’s a connection that Steinmetz leans into, astutely noting that the same grape-to-wine idea is now happening with cannabis.

Some of the recent $22 million in funding will be used to help Flow Kana move from processing marijuana to manufacturing related products with increasing demand, like vape pens and cannabis oils. Flow Kana also plans to open more distribution hubs for easier access to the urban dispensaries that sell its products including marijuana dispensaries that promote a boutique experience.


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