Flow Kana Amasses $50 Million to Scale Up Sustainable Sun-Grown Cannabis

The Wall Street Journal, the Press Democrat, New Cannabis Ventures, and a Green Market Report have all addressed Flow Kana’s fundraising efforts and how capital raised will be used.

Flow Kana, the premier sustainable sun-grown cannabis provider embracing Northern California’s independent craft farm ecosystem, announced the completion of a $22 million round of financing, led by a $15 million investment from Gotham Green Partners, a New York-based private equity firm that invests in cannabis and cannabis-related enterprises on a global scale.

With other institutional investors including Poseidon Asset Management, Salveo Capital and notable angel investors including Roger McNamee, Flow Kana has raised a total of $50 million to date to build and scale a first-of-its-kind cannabis supply chain centered around small craft cannabis farms in Northern California.

The new funds allow the company to expand capacity at its 87,000 square-foot facility in Mendocino County and to serve a wider range of small farmers in Northern California. Flow Kana recently opened the first phase of the Flow Cannabis Institute, offering a range of processing, packaging, and distribution services for cannabis dispensaries and manufactures. Co-founder and CEO Michael Steinmetz hopes to become “the Whole Foods of cannabis,” including transforming the Redwood Valley facility into a tourism destination for people to experience the facility in the same manner a local winery is experienced.


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