Where Wine Country & Cannabis Country Converge

Vine Pair wrote about Flow Kana as an authentic company with sustainable practices.

California’s Emerald triangle has become the most popular place to grow cannabis, much like how Napa Valley is for wine. Flow Kana is conveniently settled in Mendocino, California, occupying a spot in the acclaimed Emerald Triangle. 

Wine country and weed country have become synonymous. Just like wine consumers desire to understand the origin of where their wine comes from, so do consumers of cannabis. Quality is measured by the farmer’s relationship to the crop. 

In the Emerald Triangle, the community that creates the crop is valued while cannabis consumption is a secondary concern. Generational farming makes the environment ripe for cultivating a diverse number of cannabis strains, which consumers are valuing more and more. And it is the only place giving cannabis proper appellations. 

Flow Kana is an important part of the community, processing and distributing the cannabis grown by local farmers. Flow Kana’s Vice President of Community Relations, Amanda Reiman, noted, “In the marketplace, you’ll see definitions of quality and quantity shift to be more in line with how we see things like wine.”  

Reiman continued, “When we look at reasons people go to wineries versus buying wine at a store, they’re looking for a relationship with the vintner, they want to see where their product was produced.”


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