UT Presents Student Showcase from SDCT’S First Graduating Class

UT’s School of Design and Creative Technologies held an Arts and Entertainment Showcase at the University of Texas Foundry space within the College of Fine Arts to exhibit the animation, virtual reality and 3D mapping projects created by the first graduating class of UT’s Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies.

With 300 students enrolled in the Department of Arts and Entertainment, the growth of the program is attributed to both student interest and the rising need in the community. “Austin is growing and the demand for talent that has both art and technology abilities is also growing,” stated Doreen Lorenzo, assistant dean at the School of Design and Creative Technologies.

Noting the Showcase as a standout from previous exhibits, Chair of the Arts and Entertainment Department, Bruce Pennycook, described the success and quality of the event as a result of the “richer graphics and animation, more sophisticated game designs, effective and productive team-work” in AET.


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