Roku’s Jana Kovacevic Reveals How Invisible UI is Enabling the Streaming Revolution

Jana Kovacevic, interaction design manager at Roku spoke with Doreen Lorenzo in an interview for Co.Design’s Designing Women series. She described her transition from software engineer to designer as being driven by her passion for creativity and explained how she utilizes her creativity to deliver on Roku’s philosophy of design.

Kovacevic began her career in interaction design as one of two designers for Roku in its early stages. After seven years with the company, she has worked to promote Roku’s “Invisible UI” design philosophy that emphasizes an effortless, fun and easy to learn user experience.

Today, Kovacevic recognizes that the discussion around design has departed from the confines of the design community and into the everyday conversations of people from all walks of life. Drawing on this, she is inspired by all the details people encounter throughout their day. The attention she pays to these small details invigorates her desire to simplify and builds on the value of simplification instilled in the Roku product.


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