Mark Rolston Believes Apple’s Focus on Hardware is a Mistake

Mark Rolston, founder and chief creative officer of argodesign, wrote for Fast Company, discussing why Apple should shift their product focus from hardware to software.

Since 2007, Apple has released new iPhone designs that have created massive hype and driven high sales volume. The cycle has repeated itself for years: the press reports a new iPhone and people are eager to buy the latest design, right off the shelf. However, the most recent iPhone updates have not received the same level excitement from consumers. Rolston believes that this is due to a shift in consumers’ priorities from hardware to software.

Mark wrote, “The way a company sells its products determines the way they are designed.” And for Rolston, this explains why Apple’s designs have been falling flat. Apple’s pitch revolves around anticipation of what’s in the box when what is noteworthy about the product is what it can do, not what it looks like. Apple’s current software designs cannot please an audience if the audience is unaware of them. Apple continues to focus marketing methods on hardware, as it has historically done so when it should shift the focus to its software.

This problem is not to limited Apple; the issue has surfaced across the design community in general. A capability is difficult to sell. Rolston asserts that unless Apple finds a better way to market and sell its software, its designs will continue to disappoint.



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