Laura Sergeant Richardson Inspires Game Changers at Creative Mornings

Laura Seargeant Richardson, Creative Director at argodesign, gave a talk on what it takes to be a game changer and the power of playing with possibilities for Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities.

When presented with the provocative question, “What is the future of play?’, Richardson responded with a sentence that perfectly summarized years of her research: “The future favors the flexible.’’ She then defined the flexible as the game changers who see the world as something that can be played with. There are four components to become a game changer. These components consist of open environments, flexible tools, modifiable rules, and playing with possibilities. They tie directly into the development of the kaleidoscope mind and the creation of Richardson’s Periodic Table of Play, a table that breaks play into 11 distinct categories populated with related actions and qualities.

Richardson then walked through some of her favorite play powers and examples of their applications. These included the way we observe to deconstruct the world, the power of empathy to multiply creativity, the way transformation triggers new connections, and the value of dimensionalizing thought. This interactive lecture exposed the audience to ways of thinking without limitations and showed how viewing the world through an alternative lens can lead to innovation.

Richardson ended the session with a description of belief as the wild card. She encouraged the audience to believe in their capacity to be creative so that they could go beyond building things and instead towards building change.


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