Coen Van Oostrom of Edge and Mark Rolston of argodesign on the Future of Cities

Coen Van Oostrom, Founder and CEO of Edge Tech and Mark Rolston, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of argodesign discussed the smart technology of future cities at the Next Web Conference 2018.

Oostrom explained that there is no reason for any building in the world to not be energy-neutral, and described how technology can be utilized to make these buildings healthier, more efficient and enjoyable. Modern buildings of the future will be equipped with adaptive lighting, intuitive interfaces, and recognition systems to create better employee experiences.

When Rolston asked Oostrom to describe how these futuristic possibilities could affect the day to day life of the employee, Oostrom illustrated how these new interfaces would utilize information to enable collaboration between the building and each person in the workplace on an individual basis. This data-driven disruption in the industry would, admittedly, affect privacy, but ultimately enhance the work and well-being of each employee.

Rolston brought up viewing buildings as a service to people, and how Edge Tech is planning to help shift the public mindset towards this idea. Oostrom explained that while getting the public to view buildings as collaborative spaces is still a work in progress, his company plans on pushing that shift with the sustainability of their smart technology. The energy consumption of the building industry is not as recognized as that of the auto industry, but in reality, there is just as much need to innovate in each sector.


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