Flow Kana CEO: Regenerative Farms Strengthen Local Economies & Biodiversity

In an exclusive interview with New Cannabis Ventures, Michael Steinmetz, CEO of Flow Kana, discussed his company’s commitment to small farmers, regenerative farming practices, and biodiversity in the Emerald Triangle.

Steinmetz explained the origins of Flow Kana’s mission to become an organic, sun-grown, and sustainable cannabis brand. After initially being rejected by dispensaries, he and his wife began a delivery-only model that worked directly with consumers. When consumers resonated with the transparent business model, this validated Steinmetz’s vision for Flow Kana, and the brand began to gain traction in market retailers.

The small farmers are in charge of cultivation but work with Flow Kana to processes and distribute their cannabis. Steinmetz sees the company as a full-service provider. At their central processing center, the locally grown product is trimmed, processed, stored, packaged and then distributed.

Flow Kana’s central processing center is the largest in California and known as the Flow Cannabis Institute. Situated on the site of a former family winery, the institute also acts as a ‘cannabis campus’ providing cannabis education. It’s also the main storage location for Flow Kana products.

As global markets emerge, Steinmetz hopes Flow Kana’s model will master the California market in order to preserve biodiversity and small farmer ecosystems against the tyranny of Big Marijuana. As long as the model continues to flourish In California, Steinmetz sees the opportunity for it to be replicated in other countries around the world.


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