Flow Kana on Building a Future for Craft Cannabis Through Massive Scale

Leafly wrote about the evolution of cannabis farming how Flow Kana is the only hope for craft cannabis. 

Despite the negative effects of cannabis prohibition, it did foster a revolution of sustainable and generational farming in the Emerald Triangle.

Small farmers cultivated sustainable methods of farming while remaining American agriculture became chemically infused and controlled by corporations. Independent farmers who forged their own path learned how to mix their own soils and grow their own food. In the hills of the early Emerald triangle, it was all farming and no need for worrying about paperwork. However, the future looks differently for these small farmers today.

Mom and pop cannabis growers will struggle to compete with a growing industry in the midst of capitalism. Michael Steinmetz, founder and CEO of Flow Kana, views these farmers as a vital ecosystem that should be preserved.

Flow Kana’s institute in Mendocino, California is built to partner with artisan farmers in the Emerald Triangle. Flow Kana has become the only hope in making space for independent farmers and their sustainable practices. If Flow Kana achieves its purpose, cannabis growing will be revolutionized.

The goal for the future of the institute is to have a technologically driven way of processing and distributing harvested cannabis from these small farmers. It will also play the part of being an educational campus for cannabis and its wellness benefits.

Flow Kana hopes to stake a large claim in the cannabis industry, however, not in the typical ‘big cannabis’ ways. As opposed to corporations focused on capital, Flow Kana believes in the importance and scale of small farmers.

Amanda Reiman, vice president of community relations for Flow Kana said, “Keeping cannabis illegal has resulted in decades of community dollars going towards enforcement and an inability of cannabis farmers to fully participate in addressing the needs of their communities. Flow Kana hopes to open up these pathways, as we firmly believe that integration of cannabis businesses into communities under a public health and wellness model brings nothing but benefits to all involved.


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