Flow Kana & Herb Somm Fete San Franciscans with Innovative Cannabis, Food & Wine Combinations

Wine and Flow Kana cannabis were paired together at a Tso Sonoma dinner party in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle covered the event.

The dinner party included 85 guests, most of whom were “canna curious.” Jamie Evans, founder of the website Herb Somm, has 10 years of experience in the wine industry and has now shifted gears to focus on cannabis-infused wining and dining. Evans has discovered that curated events such as these are opportune times to educate people on cannabis. 

The dinner consisted of three courses, with cannabis-infused cocktails and cannabis caramel cookies. The theme behind this event was all about aromas. Guests were seated at candlelit tables with Flow Kana jars of marijuana flower and a terpene aroma and pairing guide. For the winter squash soup and braised ribs entre, Evans told guests to compare the aromas of the cannabis flowers in jars with the Ellipsis wines. This activity illustrated how cannabis can be paired and complemented with wine in the same way that food is. 

Evans aims to break the stigma of cannabis use. She explained that cannabis use should not be considered the preferred product of lazy stoners,” but rather it should be thought of like wine. Evans further elaborated that cannabis is good for the mind and body and that it can be incorporated into a variety of experiences. She hopes to one day dine in a restaurant that offers the experience of wine and cannabis in one location.


Flow Kana is a Finalist for Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards


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