Ilaina Edison Brings Enlightened Hospitality to the Medical Field

Ilaina Edison, CEO of Extend Fertility, spoke with Doreen Lorenzo about the role of empathy, how it played a crucial role in her specialty business, and why it is needed throughout all healthcare systems. The Interview was featured in Fast Company’s Co.Design

Extend Fertility, the country’s first egg-freezing-only specialty practice, is focused on meeting the needs of women who wish to preserve their fertility in a customized, accessible environment. Edison explained the battle between age-related infertility and “the tyranny of time” and how she wanted the pressure of finding a partner alleviated for women who did not feel ready at their stage in life. 

Throughout the interview, Edison shared the values that bring her team together despite differing backgrounds. Each employee contains the essential characteristics of curiosity, integrity, self-awareness, and empathy. Unlike common healthcare experiences, she does not want to keep patients at a distance.

In addition to her implementation of workers with strong emotional capabilities, she created consult rooms that mirror living rooms. This allowed for enlightened hospitality at each touch point of the customer experience within Extend Fertility. 

Edison concluded, “I think the theory around design methods can be very helpful to clinicians because it helps them think–and see–the bigger picture and the other ways that you can be helpful to people. This whole concept of design is making its way through healthcare. It’s doing it, unfortunately, one specialty at a time, but I think we’ll get there.”


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