Flow Kana’s Amanda Reiman Talks Cannabis & Social Justice

Dope Magazine profiled Amanda Reiman, VP of community relations, for Flow Kana.

Hailed as the cannabis justice league’s hero, Reiman is a trained Ph.D. philosopher, social worker, counselor, lecturer, mentor, and writer. She is currently on the Board of the Open Cannabis Project, the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the International Cannabis Farmers Association and Vice President of Community Relations for Flow Kana.

For close to five years she was with the Drug Policy Alliance, managing cannabis law and policy. Reiman was also one of the main voices that helped pass Prop 64. While she has been controversial in the world of cannabis, she has been instrumental in fighting for social justice and people’s rights.

According to Reiman, “Cannabis is the catalyst for so many important discussions. Women’s rights. Environmental rights. Minority rights. Cannabis bridges the gap.” Believing that cannabis is at the intersection of social welfare and public health, Reiman asserted that cannabis can become a tool to talk about these pressing topics. And thanks to cannabis legalization and Reiman, we’re already having more of these much-needed conversations.


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