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2018 Oscars Aglow with Sun-Grown Organic Cannabis from Flow Kana

In an industry first, California cannabis distributor Flow Kana provided cannabis gift packs to presenters, performers, and nominees at the 2018 Academy Awards. The gift packs were delivered to dressing rooms and contained sun grown craft cannabis varietals that Flow Kana selected from some of Northern California’s premier artisan cannabis farmers. The story ran in Civilized, GreenState, and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Flow Kana is California’s largest distributor of beyond organic, sun-grown cannabis from small craft farmers in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties. Emulating the coffee co-op model, Flow Kana is transforming cannabis into the world’s first fully sustainable and equitable agricultural product, and advancing an entire ecosystem from seed-to-sale that is rooted in transparency, integrity, and shared-equity.

The recreational legalization of cannabis in California created a multibillion-dollar industry almost overnight, presenting new opportunities and challenges for farmers, distributors, dispensaries, consumers, investors, and governments alike. If networked together, Northern California’s thousands of small artisan cannabis farms could single-handedly power the legal cannabis market, retain equity in local economies, protect the environment, and leverage their unique growing conditions and genetic diversity to provide the best quality cannabis in the world.

With cannabis entering the mainstream, consumers want to know where their cannabis comes from, how it’s grown, and how it can improve their wellness. Flow Kana believes empowering small farmers is the way to achieve that. All Flow Kana-sourced cannabis is grown outdoors from the power of the sun and cultivated using “beyond organic” farming practices: small batches, organic inputs, and co-planting with other crops for enhanced quality and natural resilience to pests. The farmers also practice “regenerative farming” techniques that replenish the soil, draw all their water from on-site rain catchments, and power both their homes and farms with a combination of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy.

Flow Kana operates the state’s premier cannabis processing, distribution, and education center, the Flow Cannabis Institute. The Institute is on a historic former California family winery property on 80 acres with 87,000 square feet of industrial space. The company is building a scalable, statewide distribution ecosystem that allows small farmers who grow sustainable sun-grown cannabis to distribute their product legally, compete with Big Marijuana agri-business, and keep the value they create within their local communities while providing consumers with the highest quality cannabis products available today.

Bringing together the entire supply chain in a hyper-efficient campus (lab testing, processing, distribution, manufacturing), the Institute offers the small farmer the scale and operational efficiencies they will need to compete against Big Marijuana while keeping the value of the plant within their local communities. Beyond the operational functionality, the Flow Cannabis Institute is a resource center where other states, nations, industries, and businesses can learn and collaborate on how to create an agricultural model centered around the small farmer.


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