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Intuit’s Leslie Witt on how design is changing our relationship to money

gryphon agency pr media relations marketing communicationsDoreen Lorenzo, associate dean for the School of Design and Creative Technologies at UT Austin, interviewed Leslie Witt, vice president of design at the financial software company Intuit, for Co.Design.

With a background in architecture, Witt worked in academia but realized she was falling out of love with the profession. When she made her way to Ideo she described the experience as re-oxygenating and restoring her faith in the impact that design could deliver. Falling into financial services, she saw design as a means to help re-shape our lives surrounding money.

One of the lessons Witt has learned in her career, and that she conveys to students coming out of school, is not to rule out things that might seem uninteresting at first glance. She was never interested in working in financial services, but with a little push she has come to love the work she does and the people she designs for.

Witt spoke about design as playing a major role in the financial services sector as institutions recognize they must be customer-focused. When asked about how being a design-led organization has changed what Intuit is capable of doing, she said, “It has allowed us to continuously reinvent ourselves, because it puts at the premium that ability to stay abreast of what’s possible in meeting needs, to be compliant, to make better decisions, but to do it in ways that radically shift what’s required to get there.”


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