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PlanGrid’s Alissa Briggs on UX Design for Builders

gryphon agency media relations marketing communicationsAlissa Briggs is head of design at the construction industry startup PlanGrid. She spoke to Doreen Lorenzo in Co.Design for Designing Women, a series of interviews with women in the design industry.

Briggs has always been interested in the ways technology is used for creating emotional experiences while being utilitarian at the same time. She integrates these ideas working for PlanGrid, which is a construction productivity software that allows contractors and owners in commercial, heavy civil, and other industries to collaborate easily from their mobile devices and desktops. Users can manage blueprints, specs, photos, RFIs, field reports, and punch lists. Because the user might be a building owner, developer, designer, engineer, or contractor, PlanGrid can be used throughout the entire process of building to management. This allows the company to design experiences for a wide range of people using the software for different reasons.

When asked about the value of design in her industry Briggs said, “Design could not be more important than in the field of construction. I quickly found when I joined PlanGrid that many of our customers have never used computers. Some of them don’t even have email. So it’s critical that any new thing we build be simple to use.” With that in mind, Briggs believes her team is making a huge impact in this space by creating approachable and easy-to-use touch points for a better user experience.


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