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argodesign Joins Tech and Retail Leaders to Discuss AI and the Mobile Web

Argodesign’s Mark Rolston spoke at Open Mobile Summit 2017 on the impacts that AI is having in transforming the mobile web.

As the largest B2C mobile event in America with 500+ attendees, mobile product, UX/design, and mobile marketing executives gathered to talk about the future of mobile. Influential brands in B2C brands, mobile-first companies and app-idols were in attendance to solve the key issues that face the mobile industry.

Rolston talked about the death of apps as conversational UI advances. Exciting new modes of interaction are taking shape as today’s designers see how voice, touch, and gesture are working together to become a new kind of multimodal interface. These interactions leverage technology in more humanistic ways that better integrate into our everyday life.

Conversational technology is leading this transformation and will become much more prevalent in the years ahead. Today’s app-centric model has exhausted its range of usefulness and will soon be overshadowed by conversational interfaces that offer smaller bites of interaction without the overhead of a full downloaded application.



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