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Smart Design Convenes Creative Leaders to Explore the Legacy of the Bauhaus

gryphon agency architecture design pr marketingAt the third annual Fast Company Innovation Festival, a panel of design experts convened to discuss the impact of the Bauhaus, the legendary German design school that merged art and craft, and later spread worldwide to become a key pillar of modernism. The event included a preview screening of an upcoming documentary film about the New Bauhaus school, founded in Chicago in 1937 and now known as the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The event took place at the Manhattan studio of Smart Design, the strategic design company. The panelists included Smart Design’s Richard Whitehall, Amazon Music’s Marisa Gallagher, Openbox’s Marquise Stillwell, author Thomas Dyja, and filmmakers Petter Ringbom and Alysa Nahmias. They discussed the central question, “Can Humanist Bauhaus Design Principles Help Shape a Brighter Future?”

The original Bauhaus movement embraced the Machine Age and fused art and commerce. Today the influence of the Bauhaus is evident in the curved corners of the iPhone and the minimalist silhouettes of ultra-modern homes and interiors. Now that technology dominates our world, could humanist Bauhaus design principles apply to virtual spaces and experiences, too?

The third annual Fast Company Innovation Festival, with a main theme of “Leading With Optimism,” took place across New York City, featuring more than 150 dynamic events in content tracks ranging from tech to design, leadership to creativity, fashion to healthcare, and more.


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