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Matthew Santone On Conquering Anxiety With A Designer’s Toolkit

gryphon agency austin marketing pr communications media relationsMatthew Santone from argodesign wrote for Co.Design on how he channels his anxiety into creativity.

As a UX designer, Santone believes that many in his line of work suffer from anxiety due to a skill they work hard to cultivate — which is the ability to see a problem from many perspectives and anticipate possible outcomes. He believes anxiety hurts designers creative potential and can exhaust the mind and body.

In response, Santone developed tips for conquering anxiety using a designer’s toolkit. In an effort to manage anxiety and produce excellent work, he aims to harness the positive traits of anxious disposition, which include: attention to detail, planning for all eventualities, and conscientiousness of multiple variables.

Santone explained methods that anxious professionals can use to stimulate creativity while managing their health and refreshing their cognitive skills. These methods include: minimize the unknown, know your boundaries, get curious, apply “trench mentality” to your work, get comfortable with “good enough,” diffuse responsibility through delegation, select a low-anxiety environment, and listen to your body.

In closing, Santone wrote about the importance of coming to terms with anxiety and finding a solution that requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to adopt new behaviors and attitudes.



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