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Mark Rolston In Wired Magazine About Bezel-Free Phones

gryphon agency san francisco prMark Rolston, founder and chief creative officer of argodesign was interviewed in Wired magazine about disappearing bezels in mobile phone design — spanning from Apple to Xaomi.

Over the years we’ve seen increased technological advancements having occurred on the inside of phones but external design breakthroughs have been incremental. With shrinking bezels being one of the last frontiers to conquer when it comes to industrial phone design, Rolston said, “Smartphones are bouncing up against the edge of what they can do.”

Creating bezel-free phones has not come without its problems, as moving the placement of sensors, cameras, and speakers requires some tradeoffs for users. However, those tradeoffs can be worth it, as Rolston said the screen is all that matters to users who desire more immersive experiences.

Bezel-free phones are more conducive to photos and video, which carriers, phone manufacturers, and platforms like Apple and Google have an interest in. By delivering more exciting content we spend increasingly more time on our devices.

Looking ahead Rolston said he expects to see a full 360-degree screen, most likely from a Chinese Android phone first.



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