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Doreen Lorenzo On Why Coding Can Bridge a Universal Divide

Doreen Lorenzo, founding director of the Center for Integrated Design at UT Austin, talked to the Irish Times about the importance of coding.

Moving into the future, coding is thought by many to be what will separate the educated from the ignorant masses. The ability to code is already becoming one of the most highly sought-out skills that is prized in a global economy as we continue to see companies like Google and Facebook compete for fresh talent — with engineering graduates often earning six figures right out of school.

Lorenzo spoke about coding for its ability to bridge a universal divide. She said, “We live in trying times and are pummelled each day by the news of cultural divisiveness. If we look for common ground to bring countries together, coding is one of the rare exceptions. Everyone speaks the same language. There are no prejudices and no boundaries. People are unified to create.”

The article goes on to argue the importance of coding for solving problems, analyzing data, and its effects on our day-to-day via the tools we all use. Even in an age of automation coders should find security in their jobs as machines are unable to replicate such a task.  


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