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argodesign & Gigaom Announce “Voices In AI” Podcast

Gigaom, in partnership with argodesign, has released the Voices in AI podcast, available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

Byron Reese, CEO and publisher of Gigaom and host of the podcast, interviewed thought leaders from industry and academia on the impact and significance of AI. The podcast explores a wide range of topics and perspectives — from the philosophical implications of AI to the possibility of conscious machines.

argodesign, the design firm and product consultancy known for its innovative work in AI, is featured in the podcast. argodesign Founder and Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston said, “Through AI, we’ll soon see a new stage of humanity that comes face-to-face with its own behavior, laid out in the cold truth of data. On personal, group, and societal levels, we will better understand the cause and effect of our lives. Could we become a better species? Or will we distort this new mirror with politics and bias? For designers, these are the questions of our time, and we’re thrilled to explore the subject with Gigaom through ‘Voices in AI,’ which brings together the seminal thinkers in the field.”   



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