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ZDNet Reviews Sugarlock’s Instant Video Editor

The Sugarlock Instant Video Editor was reviewed by ZDNet and praised for its ability to edit action camera footage quickly and easily.

For many, capturing action camera footage, editing it on a PC, and then sharing with friends and family can be difficult and laborious. Sugarlock’s instant video editing platform allows users to view several clips they’ve captured from bike rides, hikes, boat trips, fly fishing, or other activities, and cut videos to share in minutes using just the Sugarlock mobile app, a TV, and the Sugarlock device.

The ZDNet review gave readers instructions for setup, editing video on your TV, and using the Sugarlock app. The Sugarlock platform allows for expeditious browsing of your video library and scrolling through content, while making it easy to cut sections of video content with a couple finger movements.


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