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Sugarlock Launches at 2017 USA Surfing Championships

gryphon agency san franciscoSugarlock, the instant video editor for action cameras and drones, debuted to millions of action camera and drone customers worldwide at USA Surfing’s 2017 USA Surfing Championships.

The easiest way to organize, edit, and share action camera footage, Sugarlock eliminates the frustration of editing SD card footage and sharing it with friends, family, and followers. For $99, customers can now unlock the full potential of their action cameras and be empowered to share their stories.

Action camera users have historically been left to fumble with cumbersome video editing software. Sugarlock is breaking the mold through a combined mobile and TV user interface for an easy, intuitive navigation and editing experience. Sugarlock transforms a customer’s TV into a video editing and sharing hub, all controlled via their smartphone. To get started, simply download the Sugarlock iOS or Android app and connect the Sugarlock device to the TV’s HDMI port.

As a proud sponsor of USA Surfing, Sugarlock is empowering extreme sports athletes everywhere to improve their performance with high quality video playback and promote their personal brand to fans. Video promotion is a critical tool for up-and-coming athletes and social media influencers, who need quality footage regularly for promotional content. Sugarlock provides the most accessible, highest quality solution for instant video editing on the market.

“For extreme athletes like surfers, editing and sharing action camera footage is a big problem as videos are one of their primary means for building their personal brands,” said Greg Cruse, CEO, USA Surfing. “Extreme athletes want technology that empowers them to do great things while staying out of the way. Sugarlock is the answer–their video production team in a box.”
“Today’s action camera owners are sitting on hours of footage that they have never seen. At Sugarlock, we are proud to deliver an intuitive, effortless video editing experience so that no great moment goes unshared,” said Don Woodward, Founder and CEO of Sugarlock. “Now everyone from extreme athletes to outdoor enthusiasts with action cameras can browse SD cards in seconds on a TV display while editing and sharing their favorite footage via the Sugarlock mobile app. Sugarlock is your video production team in a box.”

Sugarlock not only simplifies editing, but enables groups to more edit together. Swapping SD cards in and out of the Sugarlock device makes editing and sharing the footage around a TV a social experience for all.
Sugarlock is available for purchase at and the app can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store today.


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