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The Westly Group’s Lisa Lambert on Fostering Diversity in Tech

gryphon agency pr communications media relations VCMark Gauger, founder of argodesign, interviewed Lisa Lambert of the Westly Group on diversity within the business of venture capital and technology for Inc. Magazine.

Lambert described her investment focus on the internet of things and how she sees business communication being optimized through cloud connectivity. She spoke about AI as an important element to cloud technology, noting that company CognitiveScale was at the forefront of the AI field.

Rolston and Lambert reflected on the exclusion of women and people of color in Silicon Valley, referencing studies that show more success in investments with diverse teams. Lambert attributed the lack of female investors to the male-dominated investment networks that can be seen within tech. As a solution to breaking this status quo, she said, “If we can diversify the investment teams, you can shake that up a little bit. And if you’ve got 15-20% of your investment organization that are women, well guess what? Their networks look more like them, so you’ll likely see more women led companies in their portfolios.” This is the reason Lambert started UPWARD, a global network for executive women focused on accelerating careers and maximizing leadership opportunities.


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