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Mark Rolston Weighs in on Lightform and Emerging Interfaces

gryphon agency pr marketing media relations communications tech ux uiargodesign’s Mark Rolston spoke to Wired magazine about the company Lightform and the future of computing.

As computers get smaller and smaller, and everyday devices increasingly become connected, the ways we compute are drastically changing. Raj Sodhi is co-founder of Lightform, a startup that wants to bring full-room projection mapping into our homes. Also referred to as projected augmented reality, the technology projects light onto surfaces like buildings, fences, and living room walls.

The small box contains a processor and high-resolution camera that can be connected to any projector to gauge the dimensions of a room or space and assign projected pixels to specific locations. Lightform allows users to turn nearly anything into a screen.

Lightform’s software is able to automate the mapping process, calculate and fine-tune its alignment as objects move. “They’re helping solve the randomness of 3-D space,” Rolston said. “When you think about the wildness of the world, that’s a non-trivial problem to solve.” Rolston has been exploring projected interfaces and for nearly a decade and developed Interactive Light.

Lightform’s ultimate goal is to make projected light functional and ubiquitous so that it replaces screens altogether.

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