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Skyfall or SkyMall? argodesign’s Mark Gauger Reports from CES

gryphon agency austin pr media relations marketing communicationsMark Gauger, co-founder of argodesign, attended the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and wrote his takeaways in his innovation column for Inc.

Gauger witnessed various manifestations of the computing interface moving beyond a keypad or screen. He wrote, “The boxes, screens, and keyboards of computing’s past are morphing into a ubiquitous, flexible, and smart presence that is personalized to a user’s needs, like Amazon Alexa, and activated by voice or gesture.”

While slimmer screens keep dominating the headlines, Gauger sees a future of screen-less products and services like Razer’s Project Ariana, HoloLamp, and Intel’s Project Alloy. As the gaming and entertainment industry gave rise to voice, gesture and projection computing, the home and office are beginning to follow suit.

Gauger also noted the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and their growing compatibility with voice-activated digital assistants. In the article, he asked, “Do IoT products solve actual human needs or simply fuel an insatiable appetite for new gadgets?”

Other takeaways: the continued growth of AI, with the company Nvidia hoping to be the powerhouse behind AI in homes and vehicles, as well as a parade of new smart car models pointing to a future of autonomous rides.

After reflecting on major themes at CES, Gauger suggested what is still lacking: technology that can and should be used to make society better and have a lasting impact. Such technologies could combine  “humanistic” interfaces with machine learning to solve real-world problems in healthcare and infrastructure.   



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