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David Rose and Mark Rolston Discuss IoT At Gigaom Change 2016

At the 2016 Gigaom Change conference David Rose (CEO of Ditto Labs, MIT Media Lab researcher and author of Enchanted Objects), Mark Rolston (founder and chief creative officer at argodesign), and Rohit Prasad (vice president and head scientist, Alexa Machine Learning) spoke with moderator, Leanne Seeto, about “enchanted” products, the power of voice-enabled interactions and the evolution of our digital selves.

With major advancements in IoT, voice recognition, touch, and gesture-based computing, we are about to see new types of interfaces that are integrated within our environment. Connected devices will no longer be limited to our phones but include our walls, furniture, and mundane objects. As we continue to witness this trend our interactions with all-things-connected will be simpler, and more seamless in nature.

Rose gave an example from a collaboration he worked on with architect firm Gensler for the offices of Salesforce. A “conversational balance table” subtly notifies people who are speaking too much during meetings. Using microphones and LED lights that illuminate in front of where you are, over the course of 10-15 minutes you can see graphically who is dominating the conversation.

Rolston talked about the idea that our digital selves will evolve into entities of their own — what he refers to as “meta me” — and that they will negotiate, transact, organize and speak on our behalf. He said, “What we’re moving toward is creating always-there digital companions to help with our everyday needs. Imagine the future when AI starts to act as you, making the same decisions you would make.”


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