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CognitiveScale Launches AI “Blockchain with a Brain”

gryphon agency san francisco pr media relations communications AICognitiveScale was featured in BlockchainNews for its announcement that it would be utilizing blockchain technology into its products in an effort to deliver AI applications with increased trust, relevance, and security. The company’s products will use information secured by blockchain to verify and protect sensitive material, ranging from medical and financial records to procurement processes.

“As digitization and machine intelligence continues to proliferate and get pervasive, the need for customer intimacy, transparency, and security of data are [sic] becoming essential to next-generation business networks,” said Nij Chawla, chief product officer of CognitiveScale. Chawla continues: “CognitiveScale is one of the first companies to combine Blockchain, big data, and machine learning for industry-specific outcomes that power the next-generation Internet of Trust.”

CognitiveScale has incorporated additional “smarts” in its technology, thanks to the benefits of Blockchain-powered AI applications and processes. These include compliance, immutability, trust, and veracity. In financial services companies, CognitiveScale’s Blockchain-powered products have been able to offer personalized services, identify red flags, and assure compliance across business networks. In healthcare, its products have provided trust and security for patient data, thus improving patient care and reducing the possibility of medical errors. As for procurement, the technology has been able to offer personalized, context aware, and better user experience that is secured and verified through Blockchain.

Blockchain News said:

“CognitiveScale enables businesses to win with machine intelligence. The company’s products—CognitiveScale ENGAGE and CognitiveScale AMPLIFY—help enterprises transform customer engagement, improve decision-making, and deploy self-learning business processes. CognitiveScale has successfully deployed its industry cognitive clouds with Global 500 companies in financial services, healthcare, and commerce.”


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