argodesign’s Interactive Light Is the Interface of the Future

gryphon agency austin pr ux ui media relationsargodesign’s Interactive Light concept design was featured in Fast Company Co.DesignThe prototype’s function is to project computer information onto any surface with the ability to recognize gestures and be context-aware. Imagine interacting with a light interface on any surface with any object in your environment: using your glass as a mouse to order a beer at a bar, or even scrolling through a recipe directly on your cutting board. Since the interface is light, it cannot be broken or damaged.

Interactive Light began when argodesign’s Mark Rolston and Jared Ficklin both worked at frog. They developed a concept called Room-E, an augmented reality system that utilized a motion-tracking sensor in conjunction with a projector. Room-E envisioned a future in which computing shifts from our desktops to our environments, as we interact with the surfaces and objects around us. 

Rolston believes Interactive Light is the perfect complement to the growing market of digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa: “When I ask Alexa for a lunch menu, I don’t want to hear her spout off all the options. That’s unsustainable.”

Looking forward, Rolston theorizes that conventional LED lights could become self-contained projectors, bringing Interactive Light technology seamlessly into homes and offices. 


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