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AI Confab in Austin Explores the Future of Machine Intelligence

gryphon agency austin pr media relations marketing communicationsCognitiveScale hosted Cognite2016, an innovation conference centered around AI and machine intelligence that brought together some of the brightest people in business and technology. The invite-only, three-day-weekend event hosted C-Suite and senior leadership in Austin, Texas, that attracted customers, partners, and industry giants. Major topics included “Innovating at the Speed of Change” and “Designing for the Man + Machine Era.” Speakers addressed cognitive technologies that enhance enterprise and revolutionized user engagement in industries like banking, healthcare, and retail.

CognitiveScale CEO, Akshay Sabhikhi, kicked off the event by saying, “Every business and every process we can imagine will be transformed. This is the new enterprise IT stack, and as it takes shape we will begin to see it make business better as well as our professional and even personal lives more enjoyable. It’s abundantly clear that AI is taking a big step into the enterprise, a trend that is only going to grow into 2017 and the future.”

Early adopters of cognitive technologies discussed opportunities and challenges of machine intelligence. Akshaya Bhargava, CEO of Barclays; Chris Belmont, CIO of M. D. Anderson; Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and Kayak; Vibhor Rastogi, director of Intel Capital; Paul Roma, Chief Analytics Officer at Deloitte; Boe Hartman, CTO of Goldman Sachs; Rolf Harms, GM of strategy and acquisition at Microsoft; and Rob High, VP and CTO at IBM Watson, all shared their industry-specific experience and insights during Congnite2016. Design leaders, Doreen Lorenzo, Director at The University of Texas for Integrated Design, and Mark Rolston, founder of argodesign, spoke about the importance of AI design in cognitive applications and user adoption.



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