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fuseproject’s Amina Horozic On Creating Beauty Out Of Chaos

gryphon agency pr media relations communications SF marketingAmina Horozić, lead industrial designer at Yves Béhar’s fuseproject, talked with Doreen Lorenzo for Co.Design about her position at one of the top industrial design firms in the country.

Horozić originally wanted to design cars rather than products, but she entered the industry after 9/11 when the big three automotive companies were struggling. She decided to go back to school to diversify her skills at the California College of the Arts, where Yves Béhar served as chair of the industrial design department. After finishing her masters, Horozić went on to work at frog design, then a small startup called Aether Things, and now fuseproject. 

Horozić came to the United States as a refugee during the Bosnian War in the 1990’s. While she never considered how it influenced her creative process, Horozić told Lorenzo: “Perhaps the chance to produce something genuinely beautiful, to create order out of chaos, is what drives me as a designer.” With the current global refugee crisis at hand, Lorenzo asked what design work is being done to address current challenges. While Horozić could not speak to the overall effectiveness of mobile apps, she highlighted some apps that enable home-sharing, language training, and other services to help refugees adjust to their new surroundings. She emphasized the importance of understanding how war affects people when thinking about design requirements. 

After interviewing over 100 designers for her book Breaking In: Product Design, Horozić was struck by the humility of most designers and creative professionals. She said that many have an urge to give back to their communities through teaching, mentoring, or engaging with younger designers.


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