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Rochelle King From Spotify On Creating Experiences With Design and Data

Rochelle King is global vice president of data insights and design at Spotify. She spoke to Doreen Lorenzo for Co.Design as part of Designing Women, a series of interviews with women in the design industry.

With a background in art history and engineering, King found her way into design by chance. A company that her friend worked at was hiring for a design role and looking for many of the skills she already had — problem-solving and user research.

Leading a new organization at Spotify called Data, Insights, and Design, King spoke about the experimental nature of combining design and data into a single department. The department is composed of several teams including product design which is focused on defining the user experience; product insights, which includes user researchers and analysts that analyze data; and, teams that focus on the company at large rather than the product experience.

King said that one of the interesting things about bridging data and design is making people who are in data recognize that design can inform and empower them, and vice versa. People begin to see that there is common ground between the two disciplines. “Both data and design are actually doing the same thing—they’re both interfaces through which we communicate with our customers and through which they communicate with us. When we think about those two things together, it’s very powerful. You can see how they influence and affect each other,” King said.

Her overarching goal at Spotify is to use design to create experiences that enable anyone anywhere in the world to be able to listen to the music they love.


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