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NBBJ Uses Big Data To Design Workplaces Of The Future

gryphon agency pr media relations communications marketing architectureNBBJ was featured in a story with WeWork about data-driven design for Curbed. With the prevalence of Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms, workers have become the data that is helping to guide more efficient, connected, and comfortable workplace design.

As NBBJ’s Mark Syp explained, “With Big Data, we can show how a certain design will be definitively, measurably better. It’s not designing things, but it’s helping you prove things, helping you design for people and really focus on your goals.”

Syp is a product manager and design computation leader who has helped develop in-house tools for NBBJ architects that allow them to take advantage of big data. His “human experience toolkit” is a set of visualization and analysis tools that help designers assess and create floor plans based on a myriad of factors such as natural lighting and circulation patterns. The software utilizes material from sociological and physiological research that help determine the program’s outcomes. The significant value of the software lies in its ability to help architects and designers with their end goals and overall workplace satisfaction. Using these modeling programs leads to improved decision making because they provide a better understanding of how a space is experienced, rather than just emphasizing form.

The efficiency of workplace design has led to a need for efficiency in presenting work. NBBJ now uses virtual reality as a means to improve communication with clients and get instant feedback of 3D models of projects in development.



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