NBBJ on the Future of Amenity Spaces in Entrepreneur

In a post for Entrepreneur, Ryan Mullenix, Partner at NBBJ Design, shared examples of how progressive organizations and companies are looking beyond tradition to new types of amenities that can improve the ways employees think more creatively.

As companies strive to increase productivity in the workplace, an “amenity one-upmanship” is becoming more and more prevalent especially within the tech industry. These amenities can range from the ubiquitous ping-pong table to on-site massages and nap spaces. And all serve to reduce office formality and encourage higher-level socialization, contributing to overall workplace satisfaction.

Amenities as a stand-alone are engineered to drive increased productivity by keeping workers on site longer through food or fitness centers or by alleviating mundane errands by offering dry cleaning services and haircuts. The key is to provide a sense of ”found” time that will be able to increase company returns.

Mullenix described a straight-forward formula: more engagement plus less stress equals elevated creativity, improved productivity and increased profitability. But it’s up to the company to put it into practice and find the perfect balance by staying true to their culture and not employing a “copy and paste” approach.

All these efforts signify a revolutionary change in the care for the employee that did not previously exist. Amenities may extend the workday but they also improve the overall mental health and wellbeing of the workers.


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