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EmNet’s Tim Braun Speaks at New Cities Summit

gryphon agency SF pr media relations communications marketingTim Braun of EmNet hosted a roundtable discussion on the “Smart Water Utility” at the 2016 New Cities Summit. Braun’s company, EmNet, is the design consultancy for the smart water utility of the future, working with cities across the United States to reduce and eliminate waste water overflow by designing and engineering smart water infrastructure that is cost-effective, resilient, and responsive to twenty-first century human needs.

The Summit brought together global leaders in the public and private sector to discuss The Age of Urban Technology. Braun envisions the smart water utility as a solution for cities and municipalities that struggle to address aging infrastructure, population growth, government regulations, and changing weather patterns. Meanwhile, the world is moving toward the pervasive application of computing technology and Big Data to make better decisions about how people live and work. The “Industrial Internet” combines physical infrastructure with advanced computing power, generating data 24/7 that helps people understand and optimize the performance of industrial equipment in real time.

In order to make water infrastructure truly resilient and responsive, a utility needs real-time data and insights about their system’s performance during changing conditions. Smart water infrastructure — or embedding legacy sewer systems with a combination of distributed sensors and networked computers — gives utility managers greater levels of control and efficiency, and allows them to avoid costly and time-intensive construction projects, by understanding and optimizing the systems they already have. 


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