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Amy Nicole Schwartz From Cards Against Humanity On Being A Troublemaker

gryphon agency austin media relations games adultAmy Nicole Schwartz, design director of Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox, spoke with Doreen Lorenzo for Co.Design.

When Schwartz saw that Cards Against Humanity was looking for a design director she seized the opportunity as a chance to depart from consulting and craft a product over a long period of time.

Schwartz called herself a troublemaker and said, “I like to describe myself that way, especially in the context of Cards Against Humanity, because we are a silly brand…But because Cards Against Humanity itself is a humor product, it gives us license to do very unexpected things. So in my job, I’m basically creating assets for pranks.” Some of the creative work Schwartz has done include a food truck for the Penny Arcade Expo (an annual game convention) in Seattle, where her team made popsicles with Cards Against Humanity inside. Flavors like “Mango Fuck Yourself” or “It’s Too Late to Stop Climate Change Cherry” speak to the brand and sense of playfulness that surrounds her projects.

Schwartz talked about a recently unveiled design exposition in Chicago that’s focused on some of the design projects over the company’s history. The theme is “For the Common Good” and it introduces what Cards Against Humanity is and its early prototypes. It delves into projects like Creative Commons, which allows the company to share its product and let users make their own iterations, as long as they don’t profit from it.

In addition to Cards Against Humanity Schwartz spoke about her work at Blackbox — a logistics company formed by the same founders — as an opportunity to share knowledge and discounts that help independent makers fulfill their products.


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