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Jared Ficklin Speaks At FT Future Of The Car Summit

Jared Ficklin, lead creative technologist and partner at argodesign, spoke at the FT Future of the Car Summit and gave his insights and predictions for the future of global transport.

The summit brought stakeholders from across the auto value chain to talk about the challenges and opportunities that automotive professionals are facing in their crusade to bring us the vehicles of tomorrow. Keynote addresses and panel discussions drew international participants from America, Asia, and Europe.

As we enter a new age of technology, the automotive industry must keep pace and stay relevant for customers and their modern-day needs. Car ownership is losing its appeal, especially in cities where mobility choices are becoming increasingly controlled by connectivity and by changing demand for modern car features. Low emission vehicles need to integrate easily into transport networks. However, cutting-edge innovation and design are coming from the technology sector rather than from inside the supply chain.

Ficklin’s mission is to bring grace to the interface between humans and technology. In his speech, he argued for a number of fundamental changes that he foresees in global transport and the technology that will drive it. Autonomous vehicles, he believes, will change the user interface as we know it, not just of cars but of computing in general because we want “room-sized” computing settings. He said, “The main motivators that drive people to adopt autonomous vehicles are not safety or energy, but presence on social media such as Facebook.” Autonomous vehicles will forge consumer technology with super-computer processing power and intuitive, hands-free controls. Vehicle interiors will be more like social lounges, and technology will adapt to and anticipate our needs. Moreover, the auto industry will look to the airline industry for how people’s travel experience will change. The distinction between digital and physical environments will blur, and major tech companies will play a larger role in autonomous vehicle design.


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