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CognitiveScale’s Manoj Saxena Talks to NYT About AI in the Enterprise

CognitiveScale was cited in a New York Times’ article on Artificial Intelligence start-ups. The company builds applications on top of Watson but differs in that they focus on short sprints with smaller teams, developing applications that run within 90 days as opposed to large, lengthy, and costly projects. CognitiveScale is noted for working with companies in healthcare, finance, and retailing industries.

The company’s founder, Manoj Saxena, said, “Our approach is small bets, brought to market quickly for better decisions and better customer engagement in your industry.” The company brings practical AI to business.

CognitiveScale is an example of the recent advancements that the AI industry has made, largely due to new sources of data, machine learning, and affordable yet powerful cloud computing. In the past, AI-generated excitement rather than investments because it was a long way away from being practical. What makes investing in AI worthwhile today is that there are now applications–such as CogntiveScale’s AI-powered clouds–which make the technology functional and practical.



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