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Hyatt’s Global Marketing Lead Maryam Banikarim On Design & Service

gryphon agency san francisco PR design communicationsDoreen Lorenzo interviewed Maryam Banikarim, Hyatt’s Global Marketing Head, for her Co.Design series of women in the design industry.

Maryam believes that design has changed over time in the sense that it was once reserved for the elite. Now, however, it has become affordable. Banikarim used Target’s collaborations with big-name designers as an example of this affordability. She said, “Once technology became a bigger part of people’s lives, design had to become more intuitive. And the need for intuitive design has made design that much more meaningful and that much more important today.”

Most people think about architecture when they think about design in relation to hotels, but Hyatt has incorporated design thinking into its planning with a service called, “Text Me,” where guests can text their requests instead of picking up the phone. The design experience in hospitality ranges from the amenities found in a room to the hotel and its services.

When asked about the impact of being a woman in a global position, Banikarim recounts her travels to the Middle East where she was greeted by two women who displayed what she describes as “disproportionate excitement” in seeing her. She realized how rare it is in some parts of the world to see female leaders, and she left with a greater sense of responsibility as a role model who can inspire and forge a path for others to follow.


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